Ewan Main

Design, image, words and ideas, based in York, UK

What I've done

Below is a variety of my work over the past couple of years. Click on any title to download a sample in PDF format.

Note that many of my designs use a lot of transparency, shadows etc. These are quite complicated to display, and a lot of PDF readers won't handle them properly. So, if you're seeing strange blocks, lines or shading, it might be worth opening the document in one of the official Adobe programs - Acrobat or Reader.

If you'd like to see more, or discuss what I can do in more detail, please get in touch. I've worked on much more than I can fit here!

Castlegate, annual report

Concept, photography, editorial, design and layout

An A4 booklet for a young people's information, support, advice and counselling service. Designed to reflect the atmosphere of the building itself, a listed building that was formerly an art gallery. Two annual editions produced so far.

York Young People's Services, A5 booklet for primary schools

Design, layout and most photography

Interactive workbooks to be filled in by children in Year 6 as part of a Career Related Learning programme

Learning City York, series of A5 booklets

Design, layout, editorial, some writing and most photography

Booklets explaining the range of choices available for education, training and employment for young people. Now in its fifth year of production, with four versions each year: After Year 9 and After Year 11, in young people's and parents' editions.

York Carers Centre, young carers' card and paperwork

Design and layout, based on specification from young people

An ID card for young carers to show in school to explain easily and discreetly that they may need a little extra consideration. Plus associated referral form and paperwork.

York Youth Council, annual report

Design, layout, editorial and some photography

Four-page booklet summarising the work that York Youth Council has been involved in over the last year. Three annual editions published so far.

University of York, research poster

Design, layout, photography and chart design

Poster for an academic conference, summarising a piece of research into the links between religion, spirituality, beliefs and well-being in children.

Full disclosure: the researcher in question was my wife. A fact of which I'm very proud.

NHS North Yorkshire and York, leaflet

Consultation, design, layout and photography

Leaflet about young people's mental health issues and services. Written by young people and designed based on their ideas (and their handwriting!)

York Young People's Services, A5 leaflet

Concept, photography, design, wording, layout

A four-page full-colour leaflet, advertising a department of the City of York Council

York Young People's Services, A4 brochure

Concept, photography, research/interviews, writing, design and layout

An eight-page full-colour accordion-fold brochure, functioning as the department's annual report and showcasing some of the specific achievements of the previous year

Stockholm Environment Institute, project report

Editing and layout according to pre-existing style guide

Project reports written by an international environmental research institute, laid out for publication according to specific in-house style guidelines

© Stockholm Environment Institute

York Samaritans, stickers

Design and layout

A series of stickers advertising the Samaritans, intended to be displayed on the insides of cubicle doors in pub toilets

York Young People's Services, A4 flyer

Editorial, wording, design and layout

A set of 22 two-sided A4 flyers delivered to every household in York, summarising some of the services and activities available for young people in each ward

Portfolio piece, exhibition booklet

Concept, research, words, design and layout

Unpublished booklet, produced as part of a design course, accompanying a fictional exhibition about the work of a film director.

(NB as this booklet was never for publication, it contains images for which I do not hold the copyright; please therefore do not print or distribute it)

York Children's Trust Unit / University of York, A4 booklet

Photography, design and layout

Booklet summarising the outcomes of a piece of research on the experiences of young mothers, written primarily for the young women who participated in the research